Saturday, March 31, 2012

Army Ranger seeking vindication for killing terrorist

Army Ranger seeking vindication for killing terrorist

We can't lose sight of the important things while we ponder the fate of the nation on Election Day. The men and women who volunteer to step up and make the commitment to be the sheepdogs deserve better treatment if they do the things we expect them to do; the things we asked them to do. The things we can't do. Terrorists who kill innocents, lunatics who murder for a cult, fanatics who slaughter without remorse only deserve one thing. It's the only thing that will stop them. You must kill them. There is no other means at our disposal to stop them.
The El Tee did his job when it was required.
He did what we expected him to do.
He is entitled to better treatment.
He is entitled to a medal.
He is certainly entitled to the speediest conclusion in his favor that he can get.


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