Saturday, March 31, 2012

AP Runs Interference for Obama's 'Flexibility' Gaffe

AP Runs Interference for Obama's 'Flexibility' Gaffe

More VLWM protecting their own. Dear Leader's arrogance and anti-American views are becoming more apparent and the VLWM is aiding and abetting the perpetrator-in-chief.
WASHINGTON (AP) - Missile defense isn't the only area in which President Barack Obama will have "more flexibility" if he's re-elected. Immigration, the Canada-to-Texas oil pipeline, gay marriage, tax policy and other issues could invite bold initiatives by a president who knows he will never run for office again, especially if his party gains ground in congressional elections. 
For now, however, Obama is postponing action on several difficult issues, knowing that Republicans are determined to deny him political victories a few months before their chance to oust him. He's hardly the first to adopt that strategy.

Obama expressed a fundamental truth when he quietly told Russia's president that he will have "more flexibility" to deal with the touchy issue of missile defense after the Nov. 6 election _ if Obama wins, that is. The statement might have raised few eyebrows had Obama made it nonchalantly to a U.S. audience. Instead, it kicked up a fuss because Obama thought the microphones were off when he spoke with Dmitry Medvedev in South Korea, and because Obama seemed to take his re-election for granted. (emphasis added)
Just remember, if it ain't close, they can't cheat.


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