Saturday, March 17, 2012

5 Years Ago Today

I was standing in Consitution Gardens with 30,000+ pro-America, pro-troop, pro-victory Patriots. Our Mission: Defend the Wall against the vandals and asshats who had threatened to desecrate it. We had ample evidence to suggest that members of the anti-military left were going to attempt to deface and defame the memory of the fallen from the war in Viet Nam.

Less than 6 weeks earlier, members of the anti-military group code pink had desecrated the statue of the Lone Sailor at the Navy Memorial, and had spray-painted grafitti on the steps of the Capitol in full view of the Capitol Police who apparently had been told to let them do it.

The Park Police assured members of our group that the same would not happen in March when the asshats gathered to protest the beginning of the war in Iraq.

Having worked with the Park Police on multiple occasions in the past, and knowing they cannot be everywhere all the time, it was obvious we needed to do a little more to assist.

So Gathering of Eagles was born.

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