Monday, February 27, 2012

"Hope and Change" Only for America's Enemies, Islamic Extremists

"Hope and Change" Only for America's Enemies, Islamic Extremists

From the moooslim bruthahood to cair to pandering to Monkeyboy Imeanajihad, Dear Leader has spared no expense in furthering the islamic goal of global domination and the elimination of all things Christian and Jewish.

The enemies of Israel
Israel lives in a very, very bad neighborhood. No previous U.S. president has distanced himself from Israel. Why? Because weakening the bond between America and Israel would provide a frenetic and renewed hope to all of Israel’s enemies that finally, the destruction of Israel can be imagined.Obama has publicly humiliated Israel by blaming the lack of peace on Israeli settlements. He has also criticized Israeli demands that Hamas and Hezbollah recognize Israel’s right to exist. The president has recently rebuffed Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu even while Congress honored him with an unprecedented seventy standing ovations during his address to the joint chambers. This president fatuously attempts to appease Islam at the expense of Israel.Translation: Heretofore unimaginable hope has been infused into the global Arab and Muslim psyche that real change (Israel’s destruction) is finally plausible.So, hope and change are indeed upon us, just as president Obama promised. Unfortunately, the beneficiaries of this hope and change are our enemies. We Americans and our allies are the victims.

"Where ever we stand, WE STAND WITH ISRAEL."


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