Sunday, February 26, 2012

Exclusive: State Department quietly warning region on Syrian WMDs | The Cable

Exclusive: State Department quietly warning region on Syrian WMDs The Cable
The State Department has begun coordinating with Syria's neighbors to prepare for the handling of President Bashar al-Assad's extensive weapons of mass destruction if and when his regime collapses, The Cable has learned.This week, the State Department sent a diplomatic demarche to Syria's neighbors Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia, warning them about the possibility of Syria's WMDs crossing their borders and offering U.S. government help in dealing with the problem, three Obama administration officials confirmed to The Cable. For concerned parties both inside and outside the U.S. government, the demarche signifies that the United States is increasingly developing plans to deal with the dangers of a post-Assad Syria -- while simultaneously highlighting the lack of planning for how to directly bring about Assad's downfall.

Now just hold on a cotton-picking minute. This is deja-vu all over again. So where did Syria get these "WMD's"? You don't suppose some of them may have been trucked in from Iraq do you? Naw. Saddam didn't have any WMD's. The left told us so. Sounds like a set-up for military action. So where is the left? Oh wait, they're in charge. They were in charge in 1998 when they said Saddam had WMD's and he was a baaaaaaaaad man and we had to do something.

Wait, they said Saddam had WMD's and then they said he didn't. Damn I wish I was as smart as Dear Leader so I could keep up.


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