Thursday, January 26, 2012

MILLER: Tax cheats on the federal rolls - Washington Times

MILLER: Tax cheats on the federal rolls - Washington Times

The tax man is required to send Congress an annual report on the number of serious delinquents working in each government agency. Figures released this week show 98,291 current civilian employees have a severe tax lien against them. When retirees and military personnel are included, the debt figure goes up to an astounding $3.4 billion. Without some kind of accountability, the number will grow larger.
The ironies abound. The Office of Government Ethics has one of the highest delinquency rates at 6.5 percent. You might think the U.S. Tax Court would pay its taxes, but its staff owes Uncle Sam $62,508. The Government Accountability Office has 65 employees not being held accountable. The Board of Governors for the Federal Reserves has 91 staffers who have reserved $1,265,152 in their own pockets.
The National Labor Relations Board doesn’t seem to mind the 47 on staff who are laboring only for themselves. The Office of Personnel Management isn’t doing a very good job managing its personnel, who owe the IRS $1,917,149. The Securities and Exchange Commission may be policing Wall Street, but it’s turning a blind eye to $1,146,843 in back taxes

"Before removing the mote...., attend to the beam...."


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