Saturday, December 03, 2011

T. J. Holmes To LAPD: Did You Want To Join Occupy Protests?

T. J. Holmes To LAPD: Did You Want To Join Occupy Protests?

On November 30, CNN’s T. J. Holmes gave us a great example of how the Old Media is soft peddling the law-breaking going on at the Occupy events in order to make these events seem far less dangerous and illicit than they are. Like many in the Old Media, Holmes seems desperate to give lawbreaking Occupiers as much cover as possible — a benefit they never offered the tea partiers.
Because the TEA Party rallies NEVER NEEDED THE COVER.

In fairness, I must admit to having knowledge of, but not direct involvement with, an arrest that was made in DC on 12 September 2009 during the first TEA Party Rally. An attendee was enjoying dinner at a DC resturant and made the mistake of re-arranging a picture of Dear Leader which was encroaching on her space. The resturant manager, one of those indispensable individuals we here refer to as "an officious little prick" filed a complaint with DC Metro citing property damage.

Now we have our own gang of "officious little pricks" right here in River City RVA ready to give lawbreakers carte blanche at Kanahwa Plaza while threatening our Richmond TEA Party with an audit of their business taxes. Double-standard? There's no double-standard here, move along, nothing to see.


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