Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Progressives Attempt To Hijack Story Of Christmas

Progressives Attempt To Hijack Story Of Christmas

The American Spectator does a nice job of deconstructing this ridiculous piece from a progressive blogger over at the Progressive Christian Alliance. The gist of the piece is this: Jesus was an illegal immigrant baby, thus if you are against illegal immigration, you are against Jesus and the entire story of the nativity is one big political story.
Here is what I was taught and learned over the course of time: Mary and Joseph were in Bethlehem to pay taxes along with everyone else. That's how it was done back then. Joseph was a self-employed (my assumption) carpenter. Thats why Jesus is often portrayed as a carpenter. Mary was pregnant and there were no rooms available because of the influx of other citizens also paying their taxes. They were not homeless, indigent or illegitimate.

Trust me, God does not have a sense of humor regarding this event. It was planned and executed for one reason. Let the progressives tell it any way they want. They'll be corrected in due time.


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