Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Very Cool Father's Day

Well it was another great day. My kids, who were obviously raised in the proper manner, presented me with the very nice rolling backpack I had asked for, for my upcoming trip to the apple in decay.

(It was my destiny its what I needed to do...) oh sorry.

That song just pops in my head every time New York is referenced. I can't tell you why I'm going, but I can tell you it is very cool, and has to do with cooking and feeding soldiers and Marines. When we're finished and my CEO says OK, we'll do an in-depth blogpost either here or at Blackfive, probably both.

Then I received what is quite possibly the best Father's Day card EVAH!!!!!!! I mean like the best one of all time. When the annals are written, this card will be listed in the Top Ten Best Father's Day card EVAHHHHHH!!!!!!!

The front of this card says, "Bet you a hundred dollars I can make this card say Happy Father's Day". OK gag card. I raised my son to be humorous and creative. I should expect him to uphold the tradition of not taking everything too seriously, especially me.

So I open this card and I hear this echoey sound and then bump bump bump bump...and there's a picture inside the card and I turn it over and this is what I saw:

Thats my 13 week old grandbaby right there, and thats definitely my son's nose.

How's that for a Father's Day present, huh?


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