Thursday, May 05, 2011

WARNING!!! I Know I'm Preaching to the Choir...BUT

In the paper this morning there was a caution about heading off on the Internet searching for information on OBL. The bad guys are setting up sites rapidly and getting them high enough up on the search engine lists to be a problem. These folks are after your money and your information.

Another alert was sent to one of our employee’s, from her husband, who works for the federal government. They are now expecting a plethora of websites to claim they have the photos on the deceased OBL. These folks are also trying to get into your computer and either take control or place malware that would be tough to remove.

Finally you can expect an uptick in Internet issues and problems that will be coming from those that don’t necessarily agree with our values and ideals. These folks want control of your computer to do as much damage to the government as they can.

Please stick to known sources when looking for information on OBL. Stick with the CNN’s, the MSN’s, the New York Times. Avoid any links to any sites you can’t make sense out of.

Make sure your home computers are up to date on malware protection and that your firewalls are working.

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