Monday, May 16, 2011

Michele Bachmann Tea Party

Michele Bachmann Earmarks Tea Party The Daily Caller

This is a hit piece from a supposedly conservative news outlet. As one commenter so eloquently stated:

Another RINO hack job/hit piece by Matt: Matt has Karl Rove’s cell # for sure.

Farm subsidies are a nonissue; the farm is in a trust, the farm is legally entitled to them; the Feds have gotten their mitts into everything, you can’t be a farm unless you take the fed regulations and the price supports as well, otherwise, farms would not be competitive. Did the farm take subsidies that they were NOT entitled to? That would be a story.

Tea Party people don’t want legislators to legislate, I don’t care if she hasn’t gotten huge legislative laws passed, we need to repeal hundreds of them before even passing one. According to Matt she is about equal with her other classmates anyhow. Non issue.

Uh, Matt, bond issues for State Senators is not pork if it benefits the whole local area; highways are normal things state legislators fund…that’s not pork or even an earmark.

She admitted she was wrong in supporting a previous pardon request, sounds like a honest and humble person. Can the same be said for ANY Democrat EVER admitting they were wrong?

Let the voters decide who the nominee will be, not Karl Rove and his milk-toast big government welfare state wanna-bees. Tea Party rules.

Cain, Palin, and West are my choices for ‘12.
LTC Allen West is not going to be contender this time around, but watch 2016, if we make it that long.
Herman Cain, paired with Sarah or Michelle, would be a powerhouse ticket and could win.
Newt needs to take his carnival act back to Georgia and pretend he doesn't think.

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