Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Jihadism IS the Muslim "Reformation" everyone has been waiting for.....

For years, Western nations have searched for the "moderate Muslim" that is needed to stage a "reformation" of Islam, in order to bring the religion into the modern, civilized world.

Westerners, including myself, have assumed that Islam would necessarily follow in the path of the Western religions and move away from medieval mores and assimilate into the modern world.

Apparently, I've been blind. The evidence has been before us for decades. And Mark Steyn has pointed it out in 2007: “What if we’ve already had the reformation of Islam and jihadism is it?”
What if we’ve already had the reformation of Islam and jihadism is it? It wasn’t just Seventies Bryn Mawr Muslims who were “moderates”. So were, comparatively, Muslims all over the world. The Sudan’s always been a nutty joint but you’d have had a harder time convincing anyone to jail an English schoolmarm over a teddy bear 50 years ago: The Prophet’s authoritative cuddly-toy suras date back all of 20 minutes.

And at one level the Islamist “reformation” makes perfect sense. After all, they look at Christianity’s reformation and see that everywhere but the United States it led to the ebbing of faith and its banishment to the fringes of life. The jihadist reformation is, as they see it, a rational response to the Christian one.

Well, .... crap.

And, of course, the liberals make every effort to banish faith and religion to the fringes in this country too.....

Power loves a vacuum.....

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