Tuesday, May 03, 2011

A Federal Judge We Can Do Without

Family Research Council

Unqualified. That's how the American Bar Association (ABA) rates the judge that President Obama insists on promoting to the federal bench. This is John McConnell's third trip through the Senate confirmation process since last year--and after two unsuccessful attempts, it looks like Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is finally giving the White House what it wants: a vote. The longer McConnell has waited, the more Senators have learned about his troubling past and politically-motivated agenda. Apart from buying his way onto the nomination list, McConnell has affiliations that should give any rational American pause about his ability to separate ideology from the job at hand. On top of serving as the Director of Planned Parenthood Rhode Island, McConnell and his wife have given handsomely to EMILY List's over the years, an organization dedicated to electing pro-abortion congresswomen.

But perhaps even more troubling is his association with the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a civil rights group-turned-moneymaking attack dog for the Left that fabricates lists of "hate groups" to turn a profit. For 22 years, McConnell has been a proud member of the organization, whose primary agenda is sabotaging debate. McConnell's views are so controversial that even liberals have been too embarrassed to lobby for his confirmation. In a memo to the movement, the Conservative Action Project (CAP) describes, at length, the threat he poses to the court, conservatives, businesses, and the rule of law. Tomorrow, the Senate will vote on whether to give this man a lifetime appointment to the District Court. I strongly urge you to call your Senators and oppose McConnell's nomination to the federal bench. If you don't, Americans will live to regret it.

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