Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cheap Oil=Leisure Time=Creativity=New Stuff

The search for alternative forms of energy is something that has to be done, if for no other reason than it would be cool as hell to be the one who invents impulse power, hyper-drive systems or hydrogen powered generators. The trick is to create the environment that allows people the freedom to let their creative juices flow unchecked. Americans create things when they are free to explore the limits of technology. You don't have that freedom if you're spending every waking minute, and every dollar you earn, trying to make a living and pay bills, and you have nothing left after completing those basic tasks. Cheap oil gives Americans the freedom to explore. It is a neccessary component of that environment we need to create. It gives us the leisure time we need to explore, play, create and develop.

Obama and Reid offer hot air, not cheaper gas

With gas prices hovering at $4 a gallon, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada reportedly wants a Senate vote this week on a measure to punish oil companies by denying them $21 billion in tax credits and deductions routinely given to other businesses. At President Obama's request, Reid would instead use the money to fund alternative energy development projects that the Energy Information Administration says won't be able to replace fossil fuels to any significant degree for two to three decades

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