Monday, May 02, 2011

An Affront to their SOVREIGNTY?

The most wanted man on earth, the man responsible directly and indirectly for hundreds of thousands of deaths, is living in your country, apparently while you are president and de facto military dictator; the man is using YOUR country as a base to continue his war against your "ally", AND YOU WHINE ABOUT YOUR SOVEREIGNTY?


Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf on Monday accused the U.S. of violating his country’s sovereignty by sending in special forces to kill Osama bin Laden.
He was President of Pakistan and in charge of the military when Bin Laden's compound, situated one thousand yards from their premier military academy and across the street from a freaking police station WAS BUILT!!!!
He added that it would have been “far better if Pakistani Special Services Group had operated and conducted the mission.
Of course it would have. Then he wouldn't have been in the position of having his betrayal exposed. There would have been an innocent family found there and no Bin Laden.

Mr. Musharraf said the “lack of trust is very bad.”

“If two organizations [are] conducting an operation against a common enemy, there has to be trust and confidence in each other,” he said.

The Chutzpah! Osama bin Laden is a freaking guest in his country, 30 miles from the capitol, down the road from an army base, in a house built during the defacto military dictatorship run by Musharraf, and he expects us to trust what he says? Apparently the lack of trust was.... productive. He states that is was probably just collusion by "locals." You know, the locals that didn't know who was living there.
Pakistan is “totally on board” on fighting al Qaeda and Taliban.
“A battle has been won, but the war continues,” Mr. Musharraf said, warning that “al Qaeda is still there.”
In other words....please keep sending us billions of dollars. We're totally your BFF.


h/t Washington Times

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