Monday, April 11, 2011

Universities want defenseless students

Universities continue to demand that their students be defenseless. Universities continue the mantra of "Students are too irresponsible to carry weapons." all the while ignoring the fact that those students are 21 years old or older. They are adults that have qualified to carry a concealed weapon. Virginia Commonwealth University does not allow students or faculty to carry on campus. And we all know where Virginia Tech stands.

Amanda Collins found out the hard way that when seconds count.....the police are minutes away. Even when the station is only 300 yards away:

Amanda Collins, 25, is a wife and new mom, and a concealed weapon permit holder for years. At her father's law office in Reno, she showed us the 9-mm Glock she carries for her safety.

"It's got a pretty standard magazine," she said, "and night sights so you can see in the dark when you're aiming."

However, Collins couldn't aim her gun at the serial rapist who attacked her at the University of Nevada at Reno, where she was a student. That's because, like most public colleges outside of Utah and Colorado, UNR is a "gun free" zone. The rule required her to leave her gun at home, leaving her defenseless the one time she needed its protection most.

Arizona has become the 23rd state to allow "campus carry."

23 states. Apparently campus carry DOES NOT result in bloodbaths.

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