Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thank God The Last Two Weeks Are Done

The last two weeks have been the equivalent of a mechanical earthquake around my hooch. Two vehicles down, both needing state inspections, both needing tires and one of them in the shop because it needs a transmission. 93,000 miles on my Tahoe and the tranny just gave up. Lost 3rd, 4th and reverse on the way to the shipyard. Killin me.

Well, thank goodness we have quality family run businesses in our little town who can take care of the big stuff. Weavers Transmission over on Mechanicsville Turnpike at I-64 has been operating since the late 40's. You need tranny work done, go see Lisa. She'll hook you up with a re-man Jasper, rebuild the one you have, or you can do what I did and go the recycle route and they'll get you a used one and stick it in. Being an old-time shade tree mechanic, I will always recycle parts.

Tires...priced tires lately? Thats what happens when oil goes up. Everything gets more expensive, not just your gasoline. So you want to maximize your purchase as much as possible. There's another family owned business in town thats been here since the 30's.

Mincz Tire Service on Altamont, which is one block west of The Boulevard at Leigh St, just across the railroad bridge, across from Bowtie Cinema, which used to be Brooks Moving and Storage. Kenny Mincz is quite possibly the most knowledgeable person when it comes to tires, wheels and how they act that you will ever hope to meet. Kenny is an old friend of mine. I've known him since the early 70's. He's a combat veteran; served in Nam and returned home to pick up the family business. If you're on a budget and need tires, go see Kenny or Jennifer. Tell 'em I sent ya. Won't get you a discount, but it will generate some interesting stories; and if your front end needs work, Red is the front end man at Mincz Tire, and is no doubt one of the best front end mechanics on this side of the country.




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