Sunday, April 03, 2011

The Gray Lady Wears a Burqa

The Gray Lady Wears a Burqa and doen't mind inciting the extreme left/radical isalmists in this country. Now in fairness, someone should go down to Florida and bitch-slap that so-called preacher for being an idiot. He knew the "potential" for retribution was there, because the radical islamists are just as bat-crap crazy as he is. (he's also associated with Big Daddy Phreddie "The Phaghater" Phelps so we know what a tolerant, loving, God-fearing man he is) All radical islamists need is the "perception" of a so-called injustice to kill innocents. Hell, they don't even need the perception; most of them will kill you just because you're not one of them and happen to be in the area.


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