Monday, March 14, 2011

Plenty of Time Left To Help Out

But don't wait til the last minute. The flags for the Richmond Military Society's 5K Run to benefit the American Widows Project are now 5 dollars a flag.

As noted in a previous post on this subject, United Conservatives has placed ten flags along the route. These flags are for the men of Battle and Chosen Companies
2nd Battalion (ABN), 503rd Infantry Regiment, 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team:

SSG. Michael W. Schafer, 25 of, Spring Hill , Florida
KIA 7/25/2005
PFC Juan S. Restrepo 20 from Pines, Fla.
Sgt. Matthew D. Blaskowski 27 of Levering, Mich.
SGT. Joshua C. Brennan, 22 of Ontario, Oregon
KIA 10/25/2007

and the men who stood the line at Wanat:
SGT Israel Garcia, 24 of Long Beach ,California
KIA 07/13/2008
CPL Matthew B. Phillips, 27 of Jasper, Georgia
KIA 07/13/2008
CPL Pruitt A. Rainey, 22 of Haw River, North Carolina
KIA 07/13/2008
CPL Jonathan R . Ayers, 24 of Snellville, Georgia
KIA 07/13/2008
CPL Jason M. Bogar, 25 of Seattle, Washington
KIA 07/13/2008
PFC Serigo S. Abad, 21 of Morganfield, Kentucky
KIA 07/13/2008
JasonnD. CPL Hovater, 24 of Clinton, Tennessee
KIA 07/13/2008
CPL Gunnar W. Zwilling, 20 Florissant, Missouri
KIA 07/13/2008

Such bravery, valor, dedication and honor can only be witnessed. It cannot be explained.

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