Friday, March 18, 2011

Leaderless House

Budget blink-off is anyone's game --
Did you know that no one is in charge at the United States House of Representatives? Seriously. The Tea Partiers are going Benghazi over the budget, and they have conservative firebrands Mark Levin and Erick Erickson to back them up. Meanwhile, GOP leadership is trying to regain control by "shopping" around anonymous "hit jobs" on their earnest but annoying Tea Party juniors. This doesn't mean that Democrats have the game on lock, however!
According to Beltway gossip newsletter POLITICO, "The top two Democratic leaders in the House have twice split on whether to approve short-term government funding bills that cut billions from federal accounts. Senate Democrats haven’t put forward a long-term spending plan that can move through their chamber, and Democrats on both sides of the Capitol say they have no idea where the White House stands or who’s running the show." The score is zero-zero, basically, so the budget battle is still anyone's game.

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