Monday, March 14, 2011

Congressman West supports the Troops when certain others.....don't

Congressman Allen West walks the walk.

He placed his career on the line when necessity demanded it.

He confronts evil in no uncertain terms.

He is part and parcel an American Fighting Man.

And now he wants credit to go where credit is due.

American military members are being targeted and killed by Islamist terrorists from Ft. Hood to Frankfurt, Germany, whether our "commander" in chief believes it or not. And Rep. West wants that recognized.

Congressman West is still supporting his troops. He will introduce The Global Combat Zone Recognition Act next week.

From his website:

The Global Combat Zone Recognition Act ensures that men and women targeted specifically because they wear our nation’s uniform are treated and recognized as the same as those who are attacked in active combat zones.

“The complexities of the 21st Century Battlefield require us to reassess and redefine what a combat zone is," West said. "Our men and women in uniform today face a non-state, non-uniform belligerent who has no regard for international borders or boundaries, to include our homeland. Our fight against radical Islam is not just against the Taliban in Afghanistan or al Qaida in Iraq, but against a global movement aimed at destroying Western civilization as we know it.”

"From Fort Hood, Texas, to Little Rock, Arkansas, to Frankfurt, Germany, radicals have targeted the men and women of our Armed Forces simply because they were in uniform. Whether in the United States, Europe or the Middle East, any soldier, sailor, airman or Marine killed or wounded in this global conflict deserves nothing less than to be treated as if they were fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan.”


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