Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just Watch Your Car For New Dings

Well, the General Assembly has authorized the issuance of new car licenses for the TEA Party. Its good that folks want to display their support. Always nice to be able to pinpoint the friendlies, as it were.

However, recognition of your political and philosophical leanings also tend to fall under the jurisdiction of the "Law of Unintended Consequences"; to wit, there are stupid, cruel, vindictive people walking the planet, wasting valuable air and space. They tend to react stupidly and destructively when confronted with a sign or symbol indicating that the vehicle belongs to someone on the extreme right. And while a footprint in the dent on the hatch door of my Durango directly underneath my Protest Warrior bumper sticker is anecdotal, the vehicle was parked on Constitution Ave during a counter-protest.

So be prepared for an increase in "parking lot dings" after you hang that shiny new TEA Party license plate on your car.

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