Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Media Racially Profiles Giffords Shooter

Media Racially Profiles Giffords Shooter
White man plus gun plus violence must make him a right-winger.

Of course! He must be a tea partier…he’s white! He used a gun! He mentioned that the Congresswoman betrayed the Constitution! He loves Mein Kampf! Ergo, he’s a tea partier.

How is this anything other than racism and ethnicism, when Krugman, large chunks of the media, the White House, the Daily Kos, Talking Points Memo, and dozens of others, start indicting half the voting population for a crime committed by a deranged lunatic whose political persuasion has not been determined? This is Media Bigotry, Media Racism, Media Ethnicism and Media Malpractice.

When James Lee took the Discovery Channel hostage overtly to promote the radical ideas of Al Gore, the media never indicted Gore’s theories. Even when there’s a direct connection between the crazed lone gunman and left-wing ideology, the media covers for their friends. When there’s no connection to be made, they invent lies about the crazed loner in order to indict their opponents.

The media uses racism and ethnicism to rationalize its nonexistent connections.


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