Saturday, January 08, 2011

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Roseanne Barr: Cheney ‘Never Worked Honest Day in His Life,’ ‘Traitor’ Palin’s Followers Are ‘Dumbest People on Earth’

As she debated conservative rocker Ted Nugent on a special edition of CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 on Wednesday during the 9:00 p.m. hour, liberal comedian Roseanne Barr tagged Sarah Palin a "loon" and a "traitor to this country" and, although she apologized later, called Palin’s followers the "dumbest people on Earth," and described them as being "on the government dole."

Barr: "I think she's a loon and I think she's kind of a traitor to this country because she would love to erase the line between church and state, which I think this country was founded upon and should never, ever be trifled with in any way."

After guest and Democratic strategist Cornell Belcher brought up the popularity of anti-intellectualism, the liberal comedian added: "Yeah, she's got that, her followers are the dumbest people on Earth. ... No, but seriously, they can barely scare up a pulse. I'm serious. They're not, they are really stupid. They're stupid."

She soon continued: "The people who like Sarah Palin are all on the government dole going out there and bitching about people wanting to get on the government dole. Please. Every one of them is on the government money."


Later in the segment, Barr ended up apologizing for insulting Palin's supporters, but still claimed they were being "duped" by the former Alaska governor. Speaking to host Anderson Cooper after a commercial break, Barr: " You told me that I could apologize because, you know, sometimes I shoot my mouth off and say really stupid things. I did not mean to insult all of Sarah Palin’s supporters, you know, I, it just flew out of my mouth. It’s not their fault. I feel they’re being duped, and I really do feel that they’re being duped, but I don’t blame them for that."

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So thats it then. I'm so glad Roseanne was there to set me straight. I had no idea I was so stupid. I am now going to the mail box and wait for my check from the government. I'm sure its on its way.

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