Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hanging With Yankeemom

This piece of concrete came into exsistence through the efforts of Castcon Stone and the Carnegie-Mellon School of Architecture. I have no idea what it's supposed to be, but I do know that the formwork used consisted of 4 parts and it was cast in one piece.

I had to make a trip to PA last week to perform a Quality Assurance inspection at a pre-cast concrete plant and the route I travelled took me right to Yankeemom's hooch. I would have been tarred and feathered and ostracized from humanity had I not stopped and said howdy and delivered Yankeemom's Milblog Award which I accepted for her at the last Milblog Conference because she was on baby watch. She is now YankeeGrammaw. Tee heee.

Let me begin by re-emphasizing my initial reaction upon entering the Armory:

You have one of THOSE???

Perched in a holler at about 4,000 feet ASL is a most remarkable building. It houses the best in weapons, music, philosophy and attitude. Downstairs is a fully functional woodshop and machine shop. Upstairs is a fully functional 32 track recording studio with more guitars than I've seen since Pete Townsend stopped touring. I mean guitars of all persuasions. Acoustic, electric, acoustic electric, electric acoustic and TWO National Standard Steelbody guitars. (Go listen to Johnny Winter).

The phrase most often utterd when I could speak was OHMYGOD!!! you have one of these?

I also met two very remarkable people. YGM's other half is talented beyond description, and he knew Lowell George. He actually worked on "Down on the Farm" before Lowell left us.

I also met a friend of YGM, Stacy. (or Stacie?). Clear that up Deb, please. Stacy was a Flight Attendant and is a former military spouse. She's also hotter than a .32 Auto being sold out the back of a van.

She wants to help with our troop support efforts and I will. by-Gawd. make sure. she has every opportunity to make that goal a reality. Its the least I can do, and besides, the troops are gonna LOVE having her show up.

Now I'm gonna post a picture that isn't very good, (damn cell phone) but YGM and I are both holding AK's.

Mine has one of those horrible magazines on it.

This is an M14 getting a very special scope.

and this is an M4 chambered for a .308.
Needless to say, I will be back to YGM's, with my own ammo

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