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Top 10 Concelaed Carry

Top 10 Concealed Carry Guns
by Mark Walters


This article is sure to generate a ton of emotion and that is a good thing. A “top ten” list of anything is going to be helpful to some, controversial to many and just plain flat out wrong to others. No matter what I put on the list or where I may rank it, someone is certain to tell me I’m right just as someone else is certain to tell me I’m wrong. (That’s what makes America great)!

So, here we go.

As far as I’m concerned, in order for a concealed carry gun to be effective it must meet certain criteria. A CCW gun must:
4. Be simple to use. Point and click, squeeze and bang. No levers, locks, bells or whistles. Nothing that makes you think beyond pulling a trigger. This is a gun. It should be simple and you should not have to worry about running a “system” when your life or the lives of your loved ones are on the line and immediate action is required.

3. Power. All guns are powerful. Don’t believe me? Stand in front of your little 22 LR and have someone pull the trigger. What? I didn’t think so. This is one area where I will challenge conventional wisdom. No one wants to get shot…by ANY gun of ANY caliber, especially criminals. Yes, you should always carry the largest and most powerful caliber that you can comfortably carry and shoot…if that happens to be a .22, good for you and BAD for whoever is on the receiving end!

2. Reliability. You can carry the coolest custom gun in the world but if your choice of handgun doesn’t go POW when your booger hook squeezes the bang switch or the shot goes wide left like a pee-wee football field goal attempt, it is worthless. Your gun MUST be reliable and by reliable I mean reliable right out of the box!

1. Comfort. This is another area where I will also challenge conventional wisdom. We’ve all heard the words that a gun isn’t meant to be comfortable, it is meant to be comforting. That is old school. Nowadays, it can be both. It is no longer necessary to lug around a 2 lb. hunk of steel with only 7 rounds. (Unless you want to)

Here’s my personal list of top ten favorites:

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