Monday, October 18, 2010

The Continuing Adventures of Little Timmy and the DNC

"Oh no, there's a bobcat in the cave!!! Save us Lassie"
"Woof wooof"

Are the Dems drumming up an election-eve scandal?
A conservative political scientist and historian calls it an "act of desperation" that the chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is trying to compare interest-group fundraising for GOP candidates to the Watergate scandal.

Critics say DNC chairman Tim Kaine is attempting to create a scandal by criticizing well-funded outside interest groups whose campaign war chests have swelled because of anonymous donors. Speaking at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast on Thursday, Kaine claimed that funding revenues of conservative groups, which are putting most of their resources behind Republican candidates, could be "one of the biggest political process stories since Watergate."

In response, a spokesman for the Republican National Committee called the comments a "shameless effort to silence opposition to the Democrat Party's failed policies three weeks before an election."

Dr. Charles W. Dunn of Regent University's Robertson School of Government agrees, saying Kaine and his fellow Democrats are desperate.

"That's a far-fetched claim. It's an act of desperation," states Dunn. "The Democrats are in a bind facing a landslide, an avalanche -- whatever they want to call it -- so they're trying desperately to get an issue that will stick. And nothing is sticking."

He offers this advice: "If a party has evidence of miss doings, put the evidence out there. But don't make a charge that you don't have evidence for."

Dunn says the Democrats are not winning on the issues or with the quality of their candidates -- and the American people are seeing through this desperate attempt to drub up a scandal in the waning weeks of the campaign.

Its ok for unions to appropriate member dues to give to politicians. Its ok for foreign investors to give money to advocacy groups in this country. Its ok, as long as the groups and the politicians are screaming liberal looney tunes with a progressive (ie socialist) agenda.

But Heaven forfend a group as soft and squishy as the Chamber of Commerce raises money to elect politicans who understand business and capitalism.

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