Monday, September 27, 2010

When Did You Stop Beating Your Wife?

Byron York - Evidence points to left-wing activist as source of Boehner affair rumor
Onlookers were startled last Thursday when a man with a video camera approached House Minority Leader John Boehner after the event in Sterling, Virginia at which GOP lawmakers outlined their "Pledge to America" for this November's elections. The event had been open only to credentialed press, but as Boehner left, he saw a group of Tea Partiers standing across the street and went to speak with them. That's when the man with the camera moved in. "Speaker Boehner [sic], have you been cheating with Lisbeth Lyons, the lobbyist for the American Printing Association?" the man asked. "Have you been sleeping with Lisbeth Lyons?" Boehner walked silently past the man and never acknowledged his presence.

Within 24 hours, there was a story on the Drudge Report headlined PAPER: DEMS PLAN SEX HIT ON BOEHNER? It seemed to come from nowhere, but in fact it came from that brief moment in Sterling, and the man who stepped out of the crowd.

Timothy P. Carney - GE backed regulations that killed GE jobs in U.S.
WINCHESTER, VA.-- On Thursday night -- sometime around 8 o'clock -- 130 years after Thomas Edison commercialized the incandescent light bulb, Dwayne Madigan helped make the last such bulb Edison's company, General Electric, would make in the United States.
Madigan spent the rest of his shift at the Winchester Lamp Plant emptying chemicals out of machines and helping clean up the shop. By Friday, Madigan and all 200 plant employees were out of work. Those who would talk to a reporter on Thursday all had someone to blame.

Byron York - Left-wing groups plan giant rally on Mall; will 're-commit to change'
The march, called "One Nation Working Together," is sponsored by the AFL-CIO, the NAACP, the Service Employees International Union, La Raza, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, the American Federation of Teachers, the Rainbow Push Coalition, the Campaign for America's Future, and several other activist groups. The event is also being promoted by Organizing for America, the permanent wing of the Obama presidential campaign, which is sending out email notices to members asking that they travel to Washington to take part.

Michael Barone - GOP battle cry: Repeal Obamacare, cut spending
Can Republicans really repeal Obamacare and roll back spending to 2008 levels? Probably not. But by taking clear stands they raise their chances of getting part way there by 2012. And maybe farther later.

Examiner Special Report - Big Green: Environmentalists aren’t really about clean air and water
More than four decades ago, Americans decided it was time to clean up the air and water, and to have a more realistic balance between economic and environmental needs. Great progress followed, thanks to laws like the Clean Air Act of 1970.
Along the way, environmentalists acquired power in politics and became entrenched in policy-making positions throughout government.
They got comfortable wielding political, regulatory and legislative power. And many found in the movement a very comfortable living. Environmentalism went from cause to business to special interest.
Thus the “Big Green” in the title. In their success, environmentalists have gone too far, destroying the once-healthy balance between economic and environmental needs. Their agenda is now about stifling economic development and ham-stringing American free enterprise and the prosperity it creates.

Mark Tapscott - Local Tea Party group may have uncovered massive vote fraud in Texas
The Examiner’s Mark Tapscott wrote about this story over a week ago, but now Fox News is reporting on Tea Party activists in Texas uncovering vote fraud:

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