Friday, September 17, 2010

Tea Party Rising

Update: $1,704,412.76 since this original post 12 hours ago. Almost $400,000 in twelve hours. WHERE WILL IT END?

$150,000+ since this post.

$1,522,121.00 101% of goal reached.

Christine O'Donnell was not supposed to electable. At. All. Period.

Then, Christine O'Donnell was not supposed to be able to compete with the Democrat money.
She only had $20,000 against the 1.3 million buck that Coons had.

The NRSC, at first, refused to fund her. She didn't care. Within 12 hours, she had over $200,000.

The NRSC changed their mind.

Her goal to raise $200,000 has changed to something more reasonable.

1.5 million dollars.

She has raised 91% of that in less than 5 days.

$1, 371, 688.16 and counting.......

Yeah....that Tea Party.....not gonna amount to much.........


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