Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Most Anti-American Behavior Ever

I'm sure a lot of you might disagree with this, but I have to say that the most ugly, un-American, anti-American activity you could possibly participate in is book burning.

Book burning has no place in America. Americans DO NOT BURN BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Communists burn books. Nazis burn books. Maoists burn books. Terrorists burn books.
Chavez burns books. Fidel burns books. Kim Jong Il burns books.


What does that make that dimwitted neanderthal that claims to be a preacher down in Gainesville Florida?

An idiot. Has this knucklehead lost his feeble mind?

Have I died and woke up in the film "Fahrenheit 451"?

I sent an email to my Rolling Thunder buds down in Fla. I asked them to show up with fire extingushers and not let this monumental idiocy happen. This so-called preacher is inciting violence. He is endangering the lives of our men and women fighting radical islamic terrorists. He is playing right into their hands.

Water trucks with 2" hoses should be stationed around this so-called "church" on Saturday. One match and everyone gets washed in the agua.

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