Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dialog and the 9-11 Mosque

In regards to the Park 51/9-11 mosque builders, Greg Gutfield wants to build Dialog.

Some people, even in New York, just don't get it. Because there are other non-Islamic businesses in the area that the Park 51 mosque builders want to put their victory community center, Daryl Lang tries to say that the area is NOT "hallowed" and therefore, its ok to build a mosque.

Of course, he missed the whole point of what makes the area unsuitable for a mosque. He attributes any opposition to bigotry. He is taking the words of the Imam at face value and has not bothered to find out about that imam's support of Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, etc.
However, some of his commenters do get it:

“Dear author, New york dolls, otb, mcdonalds, express bbq, vitamin shop,obriens, burger, Broadway cafe health bar, dunkin doughnuts, jewelry, t-shirt /hat tourist traps sellers, atheist, christian, Buddhist, Hindu, or Jewish radicals did not kill 3,000 people-Muslim radicals did. FYI-I’m Atheist- If you actually did your research you’ll find that new york has been on a slow downward spiral since Sept 11 2001. I AM A RESIDENT of LOWER MANHATTAN too, my neighborhood has been completely altered, people who lived here for generations moved, businesses perished replaced with generic tourist shops and crappy restaurants.Look into the first amendment and what kind of rights go along with freedom of religion (speech and PETITION)- and the Law Of Abrogation which annuls any peaceful transcript in the koran replacing it with violent texts to appease their god. On United flight 93 you hear their WAR CRY. You are seriously misinformed.”

“I agree that there shouldn’t be an arbitrary 2 or 3 block limit away from ground zero for any new mosques in NYC. There should simply be a 1-ocean away limit, to be strictly enforced until that distant day in the future when Islam around the world becomes merely a friendly and peaceful religion, instead of the current murdering, slavetrading, woman-hating, black-hating, gay-hating, West-hating, Christian-hating, Jew-hating, unassimilating reactionary political theocracy which sees itself as conquering and dominating and ruling over every country and culture it encounters. You appear to be extremely bigoted against the very culture you are lucky to be living in, and your position on this matter is cowardly and indefensible. And suicidal, by the way.”

“You ignore the idea that the ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ risks becoming a shrine to extremists, Muslim and non-Muslim alike. In the former case it would inspire the next band of terrorists, and it would stir the latter into attempting its destruction as an act of ‘revenge’. The Gentlemen’s Club is only at risk in the same way if Manhattan comes under Sharia Law.”

What they said.

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