Friday, June 04, 2010

Washington Mystics and Troop Support

I have to admit, I've never been a huge fan of basketball. I am, however a huge fan of the military and I like to watch ladies play sports. Hell, I'd watch a knitting competition if it helped the troops.

Well, the Washington Mystics, the WNBA franchise, has designated Sunday 27 June as Military Appreciation Day and are offering tickets to members of the military and their families for a discounted price of $18 on the floor. These tickets normally sell for $24. You can help send a Warrior and their family to the game against Phoenix on the 27th. Not only will you be supporting basketball and tall athletic women, you'll be helping our Warriors get a much deserved night out, and 3$ from each ticket will be given back to Warrior Legacy, Cooking with the Troops, Laptops for Wounded, and America's Mighty Heroes. (and its my birthday)

We're still working through some site issues and I'll have the links up on Monday for you to help out. I have already committed 5 tickets, and my lovely bride of 32 years has bought 5, so we have a good start.

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