Wednesday, June 23, 2010

As of today, I am closing every oil and gas pipeline in Louisiana indefinitely,

Obama's administration has delayed action throughout the oil crisis. Asked for equipment sits in warehouses. Offered help has been rejected. Permission for needed sand berms never arrived, being under consideration while oil soaks the marshes. However, the government is quick to deny permission for the berms once Governor Jindal acted on his own.

Well, the people of Louisiana are getting fed up. Here's a speech that some would like Governor Jindal to have given at a prayer service on June 21st. He needs to fight fire with fire.

“My fellow Louisianians, I speak with a heavy heart to you today. It’s heavy because I still grieve, with many of you, for the lives of the 11 workers on the Deepwater Horizon who needlessly perished in an unnecessary disaster. I still grieve for the damage to our coast done by BP, a company we’ve seen to have through its negligence, cutting of corners and dysfunction since the catastrophe in the Gulf has done little or nothing to help us mitigate the losses along our coast. I grieve for the frustration we’ve felt in dealing with a sluggish and stupid federal response – one which stands in our way as we attempt to pile sand on barrier islands to keep oil from our marshes and use creative approaches to siphon oil where it has already intruded.....

..........“But while I grieve, a light shines in my mind. Because amid this pain and destruction, I am now enlightened. I have been converted. And I am ready to help the President lead us from the error of our ways.

“You see, last week the President told us that safety is paramount. He also told us it’s time to navigate away from oil. And I have heard his call. I am now fully on board with that agenda. And like the President, I will act in furtherance of it.

“So here in Louisiana we will do both. We will impose safety, and we will navigate away from oil. It may inconvenience many, but I’m convinced it is the right thing to do.

“As of today, I am closing every oil and gas pipeline in Louisiana indefinitely, so that inspectors from state regulatory agencies might work to insure their integrity.
That would get everyone's attention. Even on the golf course.

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