Monday, May 03, 2010

Editorials from the DCExaminer


Geithner, GM tell a whopper

Today's Examiner Editorial
"The American people, as the majority shareholders of GM, have a right to know the truth behind the cost of the GM bailout and GM's genuine financial condition."

Double-standard on Obama's dissing of white guys headline

Examiner Sunday Editorial
"Does Obama consider white men a drag on his coalition, or has he given up on them because of their declining support for his policies in opinion polls? Either way, "disses" is exactly the right term to describe it."

How long will our luck hold out?

Hugh Hewitt, Examiner Columnist
"If the driver of the Times Square bomb is found, will he quickly be given Miranda rights as the underpants bomber was on Christmas day regardless of his citizenship?"

National security from SNL

James Jay Carafano, Examiner Columnist
"The Iranian kicked off his summit with a monologue laced with howlers, including a demand that the United States be the first to disarm."

Heckling President Obama

Bill O'Reilly, Examiner Columnist
"They don't seem to be bothered by the fact that Afghan women would be brutalized if the Taliban return. Give peace a chance? Sure, if you don't mind women not being able to leave the house."

Maryland won't pass an Arizona-type immigration law

Gregory Kane, Examiner Columnist
"Maryland remains the only state east of the Mississippi not in compliance with the Real ID Act. And O'Malley has made it clear that local police will not ask illegal immigrants stopped for traffic offenses to provide any valid identification."

Seven reasons not to vote for Democrats

Mark Hemingway, Examiner Columnist
"Kaine then proceeded to lay out seven Democratic talking points so transparently unconvincing, I began to wonder if he's not a Republican double agent."

Tax cuts do not starve Big Government

Steve Chapman, Examiner Columnist
"New studies from economists at opposite ends of the political spectrum leave little doubt that even on half-rations, the beast never fails to feast."

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