Friday, May 28, 2010

Bob Barr has lost his ever loving, feeble mind

Bob Barr is lying. Bob Barr is trying to get innocent Americans killed. Bob Barr is fomenting violence. Bob Barr is a lying sack of.....

He has a post up at his blog, The Barr Code stating that census workers can enter your apartment without your consent. At least his comments are showing that many knowledgeable people are refuting this idiocy. Please join them and add your voice to tell Mr. Barr what an idiot he is. Thank God that his candidacy for office was a failure.

So, get this straight......

Bob. Barr. Is. Lying. And. An. Idiot.

As a census worker, not only am I not allowed to enter a home or apartment without consent, I am not allowed to enter WITH THE CONSENT OF THE HOME OWNER.

We have been specifically told to DECLINE any invitations to enter a home. PERIOD EFFING STOP.




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