Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Wrong Reason For A Memorial

Opinion piece by one of those global elitists in their Ivory Tower:
Yet even as we leave [Iraq], we should not forget. Common decency demands that we honor the service and sacrifice of those who bore the burden of waging that war. No doubt some committee will soon start lobbying for the construction of an Iraq War Memorial to be erected on the Mall in Washington. That effort deserves to succeed.

My own view is that every American war, large or small, ought to be commemorated smack dab in the middle of the nation’s capital. Crowding every inch of the Mall with granite and marble war memorials—the bigger the better—just might help deflate the continuing American illusion that we are a peaceful people desirous of nothing except to be left alone. It might help us see ourselves as we really are.

Blackfive's McQ, who is a really nice guy, has a take on this and the last paragraph is, as always, the best:

In fact, as it turns out, this piece is nothing but another in a long line of contradictory, simplistic, and thinly disguised tirades aimed at the left's favorite boogey men: the Neocons. It is another scream by the left for their desired pound of flesh for waging war in Iraq. This yahoo just tried to disguise that by tarring an entire nation with his hateful rhetoric and at the same time dishonoring those who fought and died in Iraq even while pretending to want to honor them.

Ironically every one of the heroes that died in Iraq would gladly defend his right to throw this nonsense out there without fear (something Iraqis can now do as well).

That damn sure doesn't mean anyone has to agree with it though.

As they say in Brooklyn "Effing A"

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