Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wolves With Sheepskins

Looks as if the website for Defend Education is suffering from an overload. It was suggested that we should pay attention to this particular website in relation to the Arizona immigration issue.

After you've managed to get to the site, take note of the organizations involved in this project, and then jump over to Discover the Networks and do a search for those orgs.

Here's just a small sample:
Social Anarchists for Liberty & Justice, South California (this one really gets me.)
Social Justice Alliance, SUNY Stony Brook
Social Justice Alliance, UC Riverside, California
Socialism Now!, Chicago
Socialist Alternative
Socialist Organizer
Socialist Party of Connecticut
Socialist Party USA

There are 21 chapters of the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) listed from schools across the country. These are the schoolchildren who like to vandalize recruiting centers and throw glass bottles of red paint on LEOs.

It is expected that Defend Education will find its way to Arizona and mayhem will insue.

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