Sunday, April 18, 2010

The VAT Will Break Us

The Value Added Tax is a monster that should be put out of our misery with utmost haste and without remorse. The VAT is a pernicious tax that will cost manufacturers and the consumer ten times what we now pay for goods. Only a socialist/marxist could ever come up with an idea like this.

The VAT will add additional taxes at every step of the manufacturing process, with each subsequent user paying the tax and passing that additional cost on to the next one in line, who will add the cost to his price and pass it along to the next user. The end-user, that's us, will pay all of it when we purchase the goods. The rationale for this stupidity is that with each step in the manufacturing process, the raw material increases in value, thus the name, Value Added.

Its stupid. It will kill manufacturers and it will increase the price of goods to a point where they cannot be purchased. Only someone deliberately trying to kill the American economy would consider this.

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