Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This Is What I'm Warning Ya'll About

By now you probably know that a GOP fundraiser and her boyfriend were beaten Staurday night in New Orleans. The immediate story was that they were wearing Palin pins and that is what precipitated the attack.

The Brennan’s Beatdown: Piecing Together A Story (Updated, 8:47 p.m)

.....the author of a post on the Iron Rail blog boasting about vandalizing three banks in the French Quarter. Don’t hit the link if profanity bothers you; what you need to know about it is this:

We also did this for New Orleans, in the initial phase of our project to expel capital from our beautiful home.This ain’t no fall trend. Increasingly, righteously bad behavior becomes a part of our everyday routine. Thinking, talking, making – these things are insufficient in a society that co-opts any and everything except that which attacks directly.There is no reason to be scared. You, too, can fight.

First, Jindal spokesman Kyle Plotkin tells us that Alle Bautsch was not wearing a Palin pin. And neither was Joe Brown. So that’s an allegation which has been disputed.

Second, as far as the Jindal administration is concerned they do not have evidence at this time that the attack on Bautsch and Brown was directly related to the protest. We have a report, as you’ll see below, that the attack was politically motivated, and we’re looking forward to full confirmation of that fact. But the two are not necessarily at odds; our understanding is that Bautsch and Brown remained at Brennan’s after the fundraiser was over and by the time they left there wasn’t much of a protest going on – so if we’ve given the impression that the attack occurred as a result of fundraiser attendees having to run a gauntlet of Democrats upon leaving the restaurant we’d like to correct that right now; that is not our understanding.

Third, since the attack itself appears to have come from assailants who apparently either followed the victims (which we think is most reasonable, given that Brennan’s is located half a block from a police station) or happened upon them and decided to express displeasure with Republican politics in an unacceptably demonstrable fashion, a facet of this we’re actively looking into is the nature of the protest itself. As we noted in the original post here, a group of self-described “anarchists” claim to have disrupted the event and there are snippets of information – or were – following the event in which people holding themselves out as protestors bragged about confrontations with evil Republicans they’d had on Friday.

Jump over to the Hayride and read the whole thing. Michelle has a post up encouraging us to hold off on assuming that the attack was politically motivated, but Gateway Pundit has some more info, and The Hayride is standing by the Palin pin report.

Kristinn has posted some good info here.

I love that the blog is called the Hayride. The Louisisana Hayride, for all you toddlers out there, was a country music radio show that featured Hank Williams. He'd sign off saying, "Put the biscuits on, I'll be home soon, Bocephus."

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