Friday, April 23, 2010

Somebody is misinformed

From the Kenyan National Assembly Official Report pdf uploaded at Canada Free Press.

The excerpt below is from a discussion on the Approval of Draft Constitution of Kenya at page 31. And important document, wouldn't you think? (Emphasis mine)

The other thing that we are addressing through devolution is exclusion. What has
made us suffer as a nation is exclusion. Once people feel excluded, even when you want to employ a policeman or constable or you want to build a dispensary, it must come from the centre. In the colonial days, these things were being done on the ground and they could give bursaries and build roads. I commend devolution. Those who fear devolution are living in the past. They are being guided by their ethnic consideration and objectives. They are living in the past. If America was living in a situation where they feared ethnicity and did not see itself as a multiparty state or nation, how could a young man born here in Kenya, who is not even a native American, become the President of America? It is because they did away with exclusion. What has killed us here is exclusion; that once Mr. Orengo is President, I know of no other place than Ugenya. That is why we were fighting against these many Presidencies in the past. I hope that Kenya will come of age. This country must come of age. People want freedom and nations want liberation, but countries want independence.
I beg to support.

The author mentions the reaction to his original post about this here.

Someone has been misinformed. Hope its

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