Friday, April 16, 2010

Richmond TEA Party Tax Day Rally II

(To those that I told that their pictures might be here, please be advised that one camera went missing, either lost or picked. On the videos and other pictures, I have to confess that I'm a 20th century kind of guy and that those pictures will be up later. Please check back. VA Right has some pictures up. You might find yourself in them.)

One year ago, in the rain, approximately 3500 persons rallied against the current spending policies of the the government. The anger was palpable. "VOTE THEM ALL OUT!" was the favorite chant. Concerned citizens braved the rain, the lack of "facilities," and the unknown. Very few attendees knew anything about this new movement called the TEA Party.

Forward one year.

Yesterday was beautiful. The Richmond TEA Party should be proud of the event that they held at Kanawha Plaza in downtown Richmond, Virginia. The Plaza was packed with approximately 3500-4000 concerned Virginians. Old Virginians. Young Virginians. Male Virginians. Female Virginians. Poor and rich Virginians. Entire families. Some non-Virginians. Veteran Virginians were everywhere.

Don't Tread On Me was the watchword, found on banners, flags, shirts, and hats. Was there anger? Some. Mostly, there was goodwill and determination. The anger, while it has not passed from last year, seems have been banked and to have metamorphosed into a willingness; a willingness to get involved and change how government treats its citizens. The question that plagues the MSM and, apparently Congress, is this, "What exactly are the TEA Parties protesting? Aren't most of them beneficiaries of government programs of one sort or the other?"

The answer, "IT'S THE SPENDING, STUPID!" Current spending endangers us all, including those programs.

"Doc" Thompson did a magic trick. He was Master of Ceremonies at the rally while still hosting his show........perhaps he was CGI. In any case, he did a wonderful job.

Each speaker was inspirational in their own way. Two speakers, primarily because they put the lie to the racism smear by the MSM, Karen Cooper and Gilbert Wilkinson, both black, brought the loudest cheers. Ms. Cooper started off with confession, "Yes. I voted for that.....person." Both have joined the TEA Party because they see the abuse of liberty by the current administration.

However, the key note speaker, Charles Payne, of Fox Business News, would have brought the crowd to their feet if they had not already been standing. Starting off with "This black man from Harlem has never felt more welcome than right here.", Mr. Payne spoke of his childhood, his parents, Harlem, and most importantly, the difference that he sees between those that seek liberty and freedom and those that seek perceived safety and apathy.

He spoke of how the government, in the name of "helping them," enslaves people in an entitlement mindset. He saw this. He spoke of the anger and despair of citizens that worked hard all their lives that saw others on the dole living better than they. But he also spoke of the pride he felt that his family never fell into that trap. That example made him the man he is today.

The final speaker spoke of getting organized and making a decision. Do you want to continue to go to rallies and shout and cheer? Or do you want to make a difference by getting involved in the hard work of politics? If you want to get involved, contact the Richmond TEA Party.

That choice: freedom and self reliance or apathy and enslavement is what is facing America today.

The TEA Party exists to assist in ensuring that Freedom and Liberty does not fade from the American Dream.

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