Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Message From My Good Friend Katie O'Malley

Dear Patriot,

Since 2009, millions have marched in the streets against the government takeover of health care. In towns across America, town halls, tea parties and rallies have become a weekly occurrence and to tell Congress and the President, in no uncertain terms, “we do not support the reckless path you are taking us down.”

And yet, in March of this year, our voice was ignored and Washington took over 1/6 of our economy by brute force and against the will of the People. And Healthcare is only the beginning. We have learned that, while our presence in the streets is important, our presence at the ballot box is the only thing that can truly ensure that our voices are heard. Electing strong, brave conservative Congressmen is the only way we can ensure liberty.

We have an amazing opportunity to make sure that Americans are aware of these threats and empowered to battle them at the ballot box. Ensuring Liberty will show them how the value and importance of electing solidly conservative candidates that will truly represent We The People in Washington, elected officials who embrace Ensuring Liberty’s first principles of :

· Less Government

· Lower Taxes

· Fiscal Responsibility

· National Security

· States’ Rights

This is a battle that cannot wait until the fall elections. We must ensure that voters across the Country are aware and educated about the many threats to our liberties. Special elections are taking place across the Nation over the next few weeks and primaries have already begun.

Over the next few weeks, we will be hosting several Virtual Town Halls all across the country. We will have many of our Congressional Caucus members on to hear what you want from Washington and to share their insights on how this can be done.

We need your help to make sure that these meetings can be a success and people everywhere know that they have a voice in Washington through our Congressional Caucus – The Ensuring Liberty Caucus. Please help us in our fight by joining Ensuring Liberty today. Your generous donation of $20, $50 or $100 dollars will help us defeat the liberal agenda and promote our conservative First Principles. It’s time to turn our anger into action.

We need your donation today so that we may continue the fight against liberals bent on trading our children’s financial freedom for quick political gain. Please click here right now to join us today. There is no better investment in our liberty.

In Liberty,

Katie O’Malley

Executive Director

Ensuring Liberty is a non-profit organization that influences debate in across the Nation through constituent education and advocacy campaigns. Ensuring Liberty is a 501(c)4, and its affiliated PAC, the Ensuring Liberty PAC (ELPAC) were formed to address the next step in the growing impact of the conservative movement through issue advocacy, fund raising, candidate recruiting and most importantly, the development of a Congressional Caucus of like-minded representatives that stand for our First Principles.

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