Friday, April 30, 2010

Just Throwing This Out For Consideration

Because I am the original cynical paranoid SOB..(Sweet Ole Bob)..and I don't believe in coincidences.

Hard on the heels of Dr Utopia announcing that offshore drilling would be "explored", comes a disastrous drill platform explosion and fire that releases millions of gallons of crude into the Gulf.

We won't know exactly what happened for weeks, probably months, if ever, and trusting the source of whatever information the media releases is marginal.

I believe we are facing a turning point in American history. The wealthiest nation on the planet, in terms of freedom and the ability to further ones own economic and social standing simply by working hard, is facing a crisis of monumental proportions due primarily to the politicians now in power.

Politicians who crave power the way a crack head craves their next hit. They are addicts. They are addicted to the power, and like crack heads, I believe they are capable of almost anything to further their agenda and keep/increase their power.

I also believe the socialist, marxist, communist, progressive (whatever) movement, specifically the people behind it, are capable of orchestrating and creating conditions and events that will further their agenda. I know from history that communists have killed people to maintain control. I know Karl Marx wrote that the ends always justify the means, no matter what.

So the questions are:
Was this drill rig accident just an "accident" or a convenient incident?

Why is Homeland Security involved in a petroleum "accident"?

Were there any new employees or recent arrivals on this platform?

What type of security is enabled on an offshore rig? (I mean the SOB is in the midde of the Gulf, its not like you can sneak up on it.)

Just asking.

As soon as I am satisfied that this was just a horrible industrial accident with very serious environmental issues, I'll go back to my cave, continue beating my kids, plot global domination and world peace, and be paranoid and cynical, like a good Southern redneck should.

Until then....maybe we need to ask some questions.

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