Friday, April 16, 2010

Exciting Stuff Coming

There are some really cool things in store for this summer. We have outs to cook, homes to build, people to see, things to do and cats to kill. ("Sometimes a Great Notion") Don't call PETA or the Humane Society. Its just an expression. Go read the book.

Cooking With the Troops needs a logo and we'd like for you to help design it.

There is an artwork contest in the planning stages and I have it on excellent authority that one of the judges will be Chris Muir and one of the prizes has something to do with him.

LW and I, along with some folks whose identities cannot be revealed at this particular time, but trust me, you'll recognize them, are very busy taking our cookout program to the next level and filing the paperwork to make it a 501c3 organization. Our goal is to hold cookouts at every major military medical center in the country. We'll do the whole major announcement/press release and name names when the designation is official.

In conjunction with Soldiers Angels, we will also make another trip or two to Landstuhl, but I won't be flying across 3,000 miles of open water. Sorry, I have my limitations. Yeah, I'm chicken. So what?

There is a new blogger in the wings. A young Warrior has just returned from Camp Victory and is setting up residence in NoVA. He's going back to school and he has a lot on his mind and wants to share it with us. I see a Senator in the making. I definitely see a new voice on the conservative front.

I have a new laptop. Wooohoooo!!! I've already burned 3 DVDs and I'm experimenting with livestream. I would have loved to livestream the Wartime Museum press conference on Tuesday. Ya'll know I had the exclusive for the blogside of that announcement, right? Blew my mind when they asked me to do it.

The video from the Milblog Awards should be up shortly. I've been checking YouServed's Livestream site for updates. As soon as its posted, I'll link it here and post it over at I couldn't do YankeeMom justice with any sort of remarks, so I just did my dumb country boy schtick and said Thank You for YankeeMom.

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