Wednesday, April 07, 2010

DCExaminer Morrning Email

Byron York - Fear and loathing in the RNC
Among members and insiders at the Republican National Committee, the feelings about chairman Michael Steele boil down to this: Many would be delighted if Steele were to leave the committee and take his controversies with him, but no one, at least so far, is willing to call on Steele to step down.

Susan Ferrechio - Boxer's luck runs out for this year's Senate run
Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., is used to sailing with the prevailing political breeze, but this year she is heading into a storm.

Michael Barone - America losing the stomach for humanitarian interventions
Over the last two decades the United States has intervened militarily in several countries to protect human rights. Now, writes historian Mark Mazower in World Affairs, "The concept of humanitarian intervention is dying if not dead." And a good thing too, he concludes.

Julie Mason - Obama looks to legacy with nuclear disarmament moves
Taken together, the president's nuclear policy moves are steeped in the kind of history-making, heavily symbolic atmospherics that deeply appeal to Obama and his ambitions for leadership .

John McCormack - In Pennsylvania, Obama underwater, Toomey leads
Barack Obama beat John McCain in Pennsylvania by 11 points (55% to 44%) in 2008. A new poll by the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling shows Obama’s approval rating in the Keystone state at 46%, with 50% of voters disapproving.

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