Wednesday, April 07, 2010

DCExaminer Editorial Highlights


Independents rally to the Tea Party

Examiner Editorial
"But now comes hard facts from multiple sources that put the lie to the liberal stereotype about Tea Partiers. For one thing, the Tea Partiers are almost certainly more in tune with the views of the average American voter than is Obama."

America is losing the war on its 'Third Front'

Barbara Hollingsworth, Examiner Columnist
"What cameras have captured, however, is unmistakable evidence that Mexican military helicopters are entering U.S. airspace with impunity. American sheriffs have given Poe evidence of two such incursions during the last three weeks."

Five things we've learned about Obamacare since it became law

David Freddoso, Examiner Columnist
"Those are just five things we've learned, out of more than 2,000 pages. You can bet we'll learn a lot more in the seven months leading up to Election Day."

Public schools should experiment like charter schools

Marcus A. Winters, Manhattan Moment
"When you walk into a charter school that adheres to these standards, you see learning taking place. These schools have proven that demography is not destiny. All kids learn regardless of their race, class, or the income bracket of their parents."

Mixing race and politics can be poisonous

Thomas Sowell, Examiner OpEd Contributor
"Yet playing the race card has become an increasingly common response to growing public anger at the policies of the Obama administration and the way those policies have been imposed."

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