Monday, April 12, 2010

The Daily Grind

The Daily Grind

BY Mary Katharine Ham

Third party candidate can't even save Reid, says new poll.

Reid advisers relying on the "none of the above vote."

SNL appears to have simply taken a Palin-bashing brainstorming session and turned it into a skit without editing. What will they have left for next year?

New York's hipsters too cool for the census. Apparently, right-wing paranoia's reach wider than ever expected.

A progressive light astutely pegs the reason for the pro-Israel stance of most southern Republicans: "They’re infatuated with the Israeli army. Why? Because the Israeli army kills Muslims."

Palin to Rubio: "Call me!"

Courage to acknowledge the entitlement crisis: Synthetic indignation being the first refuge of political featherweights, Crist's campaign announced that he believes Rubio's suggestions are "cruel, unusual and unfair to seniors living on a fixed income." They are indeed unusual, because flinching from the facts of the coming entitlements crisis is the default position of all but a responsible few, such as Wisconsin's Rep. Paul Ryan, who has endorsed Rubio.

The 'stache is back, and John Stossel was just ahead of his time.

Romney wins SRLC straw poll?

The health-care fight in Massachusetts heats up. Get excited for our own version.

Most transparent administration ever: President Barack Obama was overheard Sunday telling Pakistan's Prime Minister about the kerfuffle he caused a day earlier when he breached protocol and left the White House without members of the press in tow."Apparently I caused quite a problem," Obama told Yusuf Raza Gilani, noting that the media was unhappy about missing the trip to one of his daughter's soccer games.

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