Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Daily Grind from The Hammer

The Daily Grind
7:50 AM, Apr 20, 2010 ยท
BY Mary Katharine Ham

Brussels: Vacations are a human right.

Most transparent administration ever has sit-down with press about the fact that it's not letting them cover anything.

Ha, Barbara Boxer to supporters: "Get excited," like the Tea Partiers!

Obama gets testy with Don't Ask, Don't Tell hecklers. Where's that famous left-wing civility?

Janine Turner, proud conservative.

When Bill Clinton was warning that we have to be careful with words that might incite violence, he should have directed some of his lecture to his wife's donor list.

DOJ abandons attempt to read Yahoo! e-mails without a warrant.

Well, it is certainly a change.

Eugene Robinson: The unprecedented distrust in the federal government is a moral victory for... Obama!

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