Sunday, April 11, 2010

5th Annual Milblog Conference Now Complete

Sittting in the lobby of the Westin with Fuzzy Bear and Barb Way waiting for marching orders. I'm doing airport delivery for the attendees. I've already dropped TSO and the USOGirls at Reagan and FBL has a 1800 flight, so I'm going to drop her and then head to the Keating compound and lay our plans for global domination and free coffee.

Tuesday I will be live-blogging and video capturing from an undisclosed location for the National Museum of Americans in Wartime. They have a huge announcement planned. This is big folks, really BIGGG!!!!!!

Congratulations to our very own YankeeMom for winning the 4th Annual Milboggie Award in the Military Parent category. She couldn't be here this weekend because she is about to be re-named YankeeGrammom. Thats right, her little girl is going to have a baby. So guess who had to get up and accept the award for her? Thats right, your humble correspondent, ME!!!
Video will be up on in a day or two.
I was told, (by people who know about these things), that I looked dashing in my red tie. (I must say, I did look good for a change; but I have always cleaned up nice.)

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