Monday, March 15, 2010

News From the Front

Major Pain gives us a good recounting of the efforts of his/our Marines in Afghanistan.
2/2 Second to None

Here's a small sample:

We have fought our way in through IED chains, small arms fire and RPG ambushes and in the end, the enemy runs like scared dogs or they can die for their country. The winner is the local nationals that have been forced to live in misery and under intimidation.

Now as we reinforce our efforts with civil affair projects, wells, wheat seed implementation etc, that will capitalize on the momentum of the clearing of the area, the enemy will not be able to regain the momentum and the average local national becomes stronger and stronger and they typical scumbag bad guy continues to become weaker.

Add two scoops of sugar and booya, you have the recipe for success. It just takes time America. Sure we can bomb them into the stone age, but then we will spend years rebuilding.

Time for a stoagy…

There's a lot more after the jump.
Semper Fi

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